Building, Zoning & Housing

      A $30 Zoning Permit is required for the following items:

  •     House  (also requires a  Building Permit)       
  •    Accessory Building (over 200 sq ft also requires a Building Permit)
  •   Garage  (also requires a Building Permit)   
  • Fence                                   
  • Swimming Pool     
  • Deck (attached or over 200 sq ft requires a Building Permit) 
  • Signs for a Commercial Buildings are $100 for the Zoning Permit only
  • New Roof (Without structural changes)
  • Chicken Coop

        *All Commercial or Industrial Zoning Permits are $100

  • Zoning Variance Application = $200.00 
  • Zoning Appeal Application = $150.00
  • Zoning Change Application = $225.00   
  • Conditional Use Application= $200.00   
  •  Please note that filing out an application DOES NOT mean approval. Your application will be given to the proper Board or Commission for review and in some cases, your application will require a public hearing which is valuable towards making a proper decision. Thank you!

  Tap Fees for 2024 

  • Water Tap $1,400   
  • Sewer Tap $750               
  • Storm Tap $500              
  •  *All taps require a $35 Inspection Fee

    *Zoning Permits will be issued through the Zoning Department @ (419) 335-5041

    *Building Permits will be issued through Wood County 419-354-9190 or Toll Free 866-860-4140


* Attention all commercial building owners or renters:  If you are intending to modify your building in any way, please contact the Zoning/Building Department at (419) 335-5041. This includes how your building will be used.   Example: If your building is currently being used as a clothing store but is going to be used as a restaurant, you will need a Building Permit from Wood County Building Inspections. We can assist you with this matter.  Thank You!



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jan Tropf Administrative Assistant to the Mayor (419) 335-5041 ex 1001
Danny Markley Code Administrator 4193355041ext 1035