Water Treatment Plant

The Wauseon Water Plant is in charge of supplying potable (i.e., safe to drink) water to the City of Wauseon and outlying areas. We are enforced by the Ohio EPA to meet stringent drinking water requirements. The water plant is located at 14514 County Road C, south of Wauseon. We currently treat approximately 1 million gallons per day, with the ability to treat up to 3 million gallons per day if necessary. The water plant is not automated, so city personnel staff the plant all hours of potable water production; currently 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

The water plant is tied to the distribution system. The City of Wauseon has two elevated towers with 1 million gallons of reserved capacity. Fulton County has a 100,000 gallon tank that is located at the Fulton County fairgrounds that is part of the City of Wauseon's system. Another 1 million gallons of treated water storage is located underground at the water plant. We also provide water to the Village of Lyons.

Raw water to the water plant is supplied via two upground reservoirs; a 50 acre reservoir that holds 350 million gallons of usable water and a 15 acre impoundment that holds 90 million gallons of usable water for treatment. The reservoirs are supplied water via pump stations at two area creeks, and recently, a line to Napoleon has been installed to supply raw water from the Maumee River. We can also send water from the reservoir back to the City of Napoleon for treatment through this line in the circumstance that the Maumee River water is not suitable to treat to drinking water standards. This line is not tied to the potable drinking water line that runs to the Wauseon distribution system. Maumee River water is sent to the reservoir to stabilize and settle before being sent to the water plant.

Plant personnel must be certified to operate a water plant in the State of Ohio through the Ohio EPA. Certifications also are required to be able to perform microbiological and wet chemistry testing that is necessary for plant operations.

The City of Wauseon water plant is a class 3 lime/soda softening plant. Chemicals that are used for water treatment include but are not limited to Lime (softening), aluminum sulfate (coagulation), caustic soda (softening), hydrofluorosilic acid (fluoride), tripolyphosphate (sequestering agent), chlorine (disinfection), carbon dioxide (pH adjustment and stabilization), activated carbon (pretreatment), and potassium permanganate (pretreatment). All employees are trained in the use, testing, and safe handling of these chemicals.

For questions, please contact the Wauseon Water Treatment Plant at (419) 335-2971 or by email at wauseonwater@gmail.com

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lou Thourot Water Plant Supt. (419) 335-2971